Alexandria Story

Australia has long been a leader in both online educational offerings and technology. For example, the globally populate Moodle learning management system is Australian born and built. This is not surprising, since Australia endeavors to serve both its bustling, cosmopolitan cities, and the great expanses of its Outback. Likewise, it should not be surprising the the Alexandria Repository was conceived and developed in Australia as well.

At Monash University, Information Technology Professor Bernd Meyer wanted to create a platform that would not just provide an easy way to create and deliver online content, but to create a repository of learning objects that could be shared and reused by many instructors for many courses. He began working with honors graduate Aidan Lane to create such the system that became the Alexandria Repository. The name Alexandria invites the great ancient library of Alexandria, Egypt a true beacon of knowledge and learning that awes and inspires even in modern times (Alexandria had a famous lighthouse, too).

Soon, more Information Technology instructors at Monash discovered Alexandria and began using it for their courses. Before much longer, Engineering instructors noticed and began using Alexandria. Then the Medical school began using Alexandria. (Today, much of the both the medical and engineering curricula are on Alexandria). Then the law school discovered Alexandria, then the Sustainability institute, etc., etc. until nearly 400 authors and over 39,000 students have used Alexandria.

Alexandria has outgrown Monash University. It’s time to take the Alexandria Repository to the world.

Help work with us to bring forth this beacon of knowledge and learning, of affordable textbooks and amazing collaboration possibilities!


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